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Holy Trinity Church, Penn Street  and Christ Church, Holmer Green


Thank you so much to everyone who has continued to make their regular

donations throughout the last years and for those who have responded to our financial

need by regularly increasing your giving.

God has blessed your gifts and multiplied them to meet our needs.

However, we continue to rely on these offerings as our income has been greatly

reduced, being unable to hire out our buildings or meet in person for our services during Covid, and since because of inflation and rising costs.


One simple way we can increase our income at no extra cost to you, is by each

of us using Easy Fundraising and Amazon Smile every time we shop on–line.

When you make a purchase through these links,

a small amount of money is donated to our church

To use Easy Fundraising, click on this link


which will take you to this webpage where you can create an account and search

for the shop you want to use.

In addition, we are now enrolled with Amazon Smile, which does the same thing

for any purchases made through Amazon.co.uk

Using this link will take you to Amazon Smile


Simply click on the link and when you buy through Amazon Smile (you’ll need to have or create an Amazon account) our church will receive donations from your purchase.

We already have a good number of people signed up with Easy Fundraising, and this is already raising funds, and now that we have added Amazon Smile, we will receive even more each time

we shop on-line if we use the links above.

If you have any questions about how all these work, do ask.

Anyone can use these links, so do share with family, friends and neighbours and

ask for their support in this way too!


If you are not already giving towards the ministry of the church and would like to,

you can give a one-off donation by cheque or bank transfer. Alternatively, you

may wish to begin to give regularly which can be done through the Parish Giving

Scheme and Gift Aid. Please contact Sue at the

Parish Office (01494715195) or email: office@pshg.org

Thank you for your continued  support and generosity during these challenging times. Rev Ruth.

PLEASE NOTE: If the links given in this document don’t appear to be ‘live’ to use, simply Copy

the chosen link and paste it into the Address Bar of your Browser and hit Go

You can now help grow our much needed

Church Funds if you

DONATE via PayPal

We are now able to receive regular, intermittent or singular Donations  

at any time safely via PayPal via your Debit/Credit Card.

Simply CLICK on the Donate button below - it’s very straightforward.